First Day in Istanbul

I'm in love with Isanbul!

The city is gorgeous an has a rich history. The people are friendly and the food is delicious. 

You quickly get used to turning down every vendor that wants you to buy something. Just avoid eye contact and keep walking. Even a polite "no, thank you" as seen as a maybe. Hey, it's their job, I can't blame them. I've become friendly with one outside of our hotel. He somehow can tell where every tourist is from and, from what I've overheard, can politely greet an sell a person in at least 10 languages. It's amazing! 

What I never get used to is the city's beauty. The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia sit facing one another with a gorgeous court yard between them. They're so massive and stately that they look like a fake backdrop.

We're revising them in the evening with proper cameras so we can get some night shots. 



Tony in front of the Blue Mosque


Fresh flowers delivered to our room