Amsterdam is crazy! 

You spend your first day marveling at the cities beauty while praying you don't die while on a bike. It only gets better from there!

by the 3rd day you welcome the thrill of death as a tram whizzes by you while you pedal between cars. Only 6 people per year die in a bike accident, but the statistics don't say how many of those people are tourists or tired of living. Still, you can only appreciate how incredibly low is once you've ridden here. 


I've got a bad case of bike seat butt, but I'm pedaling through the pain. A true hero.

I've got a bad case of bike seat butt, but I'm pedaling through the pain. A true hero.


The food here is really amazing. We haven't had a bad meal year and that includes a Mexican meal. I didn't expect much considering there doesn't seem to be a large Mexican population here, but they nailed my enchiladas mole. Why do we eat Mexican food in every country we visit? That Texan boy I married can't live without it :)

Most excitingly of all, our dear friends Erkki and Emma flew in from Sweden to meet us in Amsterdam. We met them a few years ago through our book, Stunning Digital Photography. Erkki reached out to us and we've become the best of friends since. 


Emma, Me, Tony,  & Erkki

Emma, Me, Tony,  & Erkki


I also apologize that these post are written rather poorly. I'm writing from my phone and I tend to get lazy. 

Turkish Delight

Last night was our last night in Istanbul. We were able to meet up with one of our readers and got a glimpse into the real, non-touristy side of Turkish life.

its an incredible city and I'm going to miss it! 




Meeting up with Orcun.


Our last lunch in Turkey.


Inside the Blue Mosque.

we landed in Amsterdam this evening and we're able to meet up with Erkki (another reader turned friend) 

tomorrow we'll head out and take some real photos! 




Selfie near the canal



Our hotel room looks like a brothel for some reason.

First Day in Istanbul

I'm in love with Isanbul!

The city is gorgeous an has a rich history. The people are friendly and the food is delicious. 

You quickly get used to turning down every vendor that wants you to buy something. Just avoid eye contact and keep walking. Even a polite "no, thank you" as seen as a maybe. Hey, it's their job, I can't blame them. I've become friendly with one outside of our hotel. He somehow can tell where every tourist is from and, from what I've overheard, can politely greet an sell a person in at least 10 languages. It's amazing! 

What I never get used to is the city's beauty. The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia sit facing one another with a gorgeous court yard between them. They're so massive and stately that they look like a fake backdrop.

We're revising them in the evening with proper cameras so we can get some night shots. 



Tony in front of the Blue Mosque


Fresh flowers delivered to our room

I Believe I Can Fly!

We've landed in Dublin and have two more flights before we get to Turkey.

what's with those people that get off of a plane looking refreshed and stylish? So lucky. I always look as though I've endured a life of homelessness.  



Tony is getting B-roll of planes for our photo travel show we're making. 

Hopefully ya'll like it so I have an excuse to see every nook and cranny of this crazy world. 

side note: 

airport coffe tastes like burnt hair smells. 


We're Ready to Explore!

My favorite type of photography is travel photography. I get to explore a completely new place and take everyone with me via my photos.

In a few weeks Tony and I plan on going to Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Istanbul to make photography videos for our YouTube channel and our book. I plan on keeping this blog to document our travels, share photography and travel tips, and let you in our adventure!

If anyone has any suggestions on places to see and things to do, let me know!

So far I'm preparing for long days of beer drinking, chocolate eating, and John watching!


How to spend a rainy day in Edinburgh.

How to spend a rainy day in Edinburgh.